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Advanced Email Parser sample uses

  • Online commerce.
    Using AEP you minimize the number of employees involved into order processing and improve customer service.

  • Managing newsletters.
    As a rule one day you start receiving spam to your newsletter mailbox. Then your employee in charge has to process more and more emails in the newsletter lists, and the error probability increases. But using Advanced Email Parser you will avoid this problem!

  • Sort and store email attachments to the public folder.
    Share incoming documents (prices, invoices, quotes, offers, requests, etc.) with your colleagues in public folders automatically. It is not necessary to trace these attachments, they always will be actual and they will be stored in specified storage.

  • Updating databases using e-mail reports.
    Advanced Email Parser can be used as a standalone mail server to update your databases. It process incoming emails (such as orders, reports), parse it and store required data to database without your assistance.

  • Simple way to process web forms submit results.
    The addition of web form to the website with Advanced Email Parser does not require to create any additional scripts. You just can process the results using only one script for all web forms.

  • Optimize technical support by email.
    You can improve your technical support services via email without any additional operations with the HelpDesk/Trouble ticket system. Make it more efficient with Advanced Email Parser.

  • Managing services using the PushMail.
    This sample illustrates how to control business processes remotely using a built-in SMTP server and PushMail technology. Instant access to the vital docs, autoresponders options by request, forwarding important messages, reports generation and receiving - everything from described above with your mobile device and Advanced Email Parser features.



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