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What's the reason for processing emails?


A simple question:

How often do you receive any standard email messages? We mean any kind of email orders notifications, payment notifications, payments subscription, etc - all messages with a standard content.

And one more question:

is this content important for you? Is it necessary to save it in any database for further usage or for history?

Any person experienced in the on-line business answers:
"Yes, it's important to save and keep this data"

A large enterprise can invest significant amount for creating customized processing software, for example, directly in a CRM system. And are there any ways to automate this function in small- and medium-size companies?

Of course, without significant investments and with a high level of automation, handy installation, and setup?

We can answer:

It's possible with Advanced Email Parser - multifunctional and handy system for email messages processing.

Let's have a look at the following example:

  • You have some business on the Web.
  • You sell some goods or provide some services.
  • You have an on-line shop on your web-site, your purchasers can choose necessary items and pay for them online.
  • In 99% cases, you receive the email message that contains details of order after each payment. It’s not a problem to save order details in your database manually if you have 2 orders per month.

  • But we guess your business is successful and you have hundreds of orders notifications each day.

    Let's illustrate it »



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