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What is Advanced Email Parser?


Advanced Email Parser - multifunctional and handy system for email messages processing

Using Advanced Email Parser you won't have to process incoming mail manually anymore, whatever number of mailboxes you have.

Just imagine that you don't need to collect information from the received reports and copy/paste them to another application or database - now, Advanced Email Parser is at your disposal to do this job for you.

Advanced Email Parser usage:

  • processing of order forms received via e-mail
  • sending of replies to clients
  • automatic email report saving into a database
  • sorting and redirecting of e-mail message flows
  • mailing list compilation
  • statistics maintaining of any kind
  • creating of automatic answering services
  • email robots
  • saving backup copies of important messages
  • intellectual email autoresponder

  • and more!

Advanced Email Parser can be integrated with various software products supporting ActiveX technology. This enables developers to process data in different external modules. For such integration, there are used scripting languages based on Microsoft Active Scripting technology - JScript, VBScript or PerlScript. Advanced Email Parser is an effective and reliable message processing tool with high traffic capacity, which requires little time for processing of each message.

User-friendly interface, sharp logic based on our wide experience of work with the email, use of Microsoft technologies and integration with most popular applications make Advanced Email Parser a unique solution for business process automation.



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