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Advanced Email Parser benefits



When your business is growing, new tasks appear and you are to solve them day by day. The simplest solution is to delegate these tasks to an employee. But will this solution be effective and economically sound?

If business process regulations and conditions can be documented, the process should be automatized, because it is profitable!

Benefits that you receive using Advanced Email Parser:

  • Save Time
    Advanced Email Parser will save a lot of your time, managing received documents, generating reports, extracting field data from emails and saving them direct to your database without your assistance.

  • Avoid "human factor" mistakes
    Advanced Email Parser totally excludes human factor. It is impossible to make such a mistake as putting a file into the incorrect server directory or misprinting in the database field. Ask yourself - how often do you come across "human factor" mistakes and how much do they cost?

  • Improve partners loyalty
    Using smart autoresponders based on calendar activity inform your partners that you do not miss important emails from them. Advanced Email Parser can send an email and SMS notifications that inform you about important tasks.

  • Improve customer relations
    Using Advanced Email Parser you can realize any of those email campaigns:
    1. 60 days after purchase, remind customers they need to order refills
    2. Offer buyers of Product A a special price for complementary Product B
    3. Give special "Upgrade Prices" to existing owners when you release a new model
    4. Joint venture with another business for a 50% profit split, and e-mail product recommendations to owners of your related products
    5. Invite subscribers from certain cities or states to attend special events with you
    6. Give certain customers "first chance to buy" limited inventory or stock

  • Save resources & money
    Automation is a one-time money investment, whereas employees require fixed charges.

    Costs of the automation system implementation equal to a two or three-month salary of the employee responsible for the same process.

    So your employees have to process routine tasks with rigid regulations. If you release them from these duties, you will be able to use their labor in tasks which DO require the human presence.



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