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Using Advanced Email Parser in online commerce


Using this scheme you minimize the number of employees involved in order processing. You don't need to modify or create scripts at the web server. The system will be flexible and user-customizable. At any time you can add a new payment system, a way of delivery or a service without changing the business process.

Online commerce automation using Advanced Email Parser


  • Ordering at the website, form filling
  • (2)

  • Choosing a payment system
  • Sending an email order notification
  • (3)

  • Email order parsing, data writing into the database
  • Checking the order data errors
  • Order duplicate checking
  • Searching for previous orders from the client
  • Checking on warehouse avalability
  • Informing the logistics department
  • Subscribing the client to newsletters
  • (4)

  • Sending a personalized email with the order status
  • Writing an invoice and mailing it to the client in the HTML format
  • Offering discounts on repeats
  • Sending the tracking number to customer

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