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Process email to databases using AEP

  Parse email, extract data from email, store email data to database
  • Simple Database Access Component
    Used for easier work with databases. The component executes one action with the specified table. It can be used for select, adding, updating, and removal of entries using the specified condition. A list of variables is used for exchanging data with the entries. Every of variables equals field in the table. When setting a variable for a field, field type is to be specified. Field's type determines the direction of data exchange between the variable and the field.

  • Advanced Database Access Component
    Used to exchange data with databases using SQL queries. Advanced control.

  • Database Iterator
    Executes a set of components for each record from SQL query.

  • You can connect to any DATA source as database, that is available via ODBC connector

    • Oracle
    • Microsoft SQL Server (All editions)
    • Microsoft Access
    • Microsoft Excel
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL

    • ... and any database that supports ODBC (using MDAC).

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